Solar Hybrid Inverters

Solar Hybrid Inverters

We deals in all kinds of Solar Hybrid Inverters both ON-Grid And Off-Grid.We are the wholesale distributors of Omega Power Power USA in your town.Following Models are Available at our all branches

Super Home Series

Power Home Series

Omega 3,5 and 10 kilowatt on-grid Hybrid Solar Inverters

Axpert MKS Plus 2KVA/3KVA Hybrid Inverters

InfiniSolar Super 4KW

InfiniSolar V

InfiniSolar 2KW/3KW/5KW And 10KW On-Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter with Energy Storage

Axpert GS 2KVA/3KVA Inverter

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S-Energy Korea

S-Energy Korea

Poly Crystalline Modules Cell type/arrangementPolycrystalline 156mm x 156mm (6 inches)WP ra..

15,000.00€ Ex Tax: 15,000.00€

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